ABOUT Mamma's Liquid Love

My name is Ann Marie Sharoupim and I am the creator of Mamma's Liquid Love. I have 2 beautiful daughters, Rebecca and Gabriella. With Rebecca, I struggled tremendously with nursing. It took me 3 weeks of pumping 8 times daily for at least 20 minutes and feeding on demand to finally make enough milk for her. It was incredibly stressful and draining especially for a mother that was experiencing Post Partum Depression. As it turns out, Rebecca had an undiagnosed lip and tongue tie and fed for HOURS. It was a long, difficult year but it was well worth it. When I had Gabriella, I got her ties lasered as soon as they were identified by my wonderful lactation consultant Elizabeth Devaney(201-803-0679.  Nursing was a much more enjoyable process with my second child. Unfortunately, I was unable to produce enough milk for Gabriella for several weeks, and used donor milk. As a symbol of my appreciation to my generous donor, I created a pendant for her. Her gratitude and joy after receiving her pendant from me, inspired me to create Mamma's Liquid Love.

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