How to extend the storage of your inclusions with us

When you purchase an item from us, we will automatically store your inclusions for 1 year from the date of purchase as a courtesy. (Ashes are an exception, we send them back together with your piece ♡ )

We do offer storage extensions for those of you who would want to make purchases in the future.


> Why would I want to extend my storage with you?
✧ Several of our mammas choose to extend their storage because they would like to make MLL purchases again in the future. Often by using the same milk they have already sent in, or adding new inclusions (milk from another child, hair from a baby whose hair hasn't come in yet, etc).

When you choose to extend your storage with us, we donate 100% of your storage fee to the Littlest Lamb, a non-profit that is doing amazing work for children and we've been supporting for the last few years.

Your purchases with Mamma's Liquid Love helps us give back to those in need.❤️

Thanks to you, we've covered all food and clothing expenses for 92 orphans in the Littlest Lamb over the last 2 years and we've partnered up with several non-profits to make bereavement pieces.

You can extend the storage of your inclusions here.

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