Bliss Herron

There aren’t really words to express how special this ring is to me. The ash stone represents 44 years of love (almost 41 of them married) cut too short by Covid last January. The nine stones around the round side are the birthstones of our nine children. The stones on the stacker are the birthstones of my children’s spouses-my “added” children. This ring represents my husband surrounded by his children-his “happy place”. It’s perfection. I will treasure it all my days. Thank you to all who made this possible. I know the creators of this jewelry have had many challenges in recent days. Know that your efforts, frustrations, tears and sacrifice do not go unappreciated. You have made the world a more beautiful place with your talents. May you be blessed seven times over for blessing us.

-- Mamma Bliss Herron

In picture:
Majestic Ring Set

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