Hannah Linette Miller

This ring brings so many emotions. After waiting patiently many months, I received this gorgeous ring my husband ordered for me for Mother’s Day. White gold, diamonds, blue saphire, blue topaz, and *breast milk*.

This ring represents the beauty that comes after the chaos, darkness, and struggles. Breastfeeding is the biggest sacrifice and tedious task I’ve ever taken on in my life. The late nights, hours hooked to a pump at work, bleeding nipples, clogs, the contractions of the uterus during the first few days after delivery, the what ifs, the only comfort to my children, and the worries of production.




It’s also the most rewarding and wonderful experience. The bonding, the love, the fact I was the only source of nutrients for my children and they thrived, the health of my children from the antibodies, the many naps and snuggles, the fact I’m the comfort to my children, and the time spent with my children. It’s all worth it.

This ring shows the other side of Postpartum Depression, frustrations, love, and sacrifice.

This is the physical representation of the past few years of my life with a strong journey of nursing still ahead.

Thank you, Ann for this gorgeous ring! I cried when

I saw it yesterday. Your work is truly incredible.

-- Mamma Hannah Linette Miller

In picture:
2 Princess Stackers
1 Serenity Ring 

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