We’ve had the honor of expertly crafting over 25,000 keepsakes using only the highest quality materials.

Mamma’s Liquid Love was established in 2015 by Ann, a Doctor of Pharmacy and a nursing mamma of 3.

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The Bar Necklace

The piece inspired by the hardware that fell of my Tory Burch wallet.

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Create a piece as unique as your story

Tell your story with Mamma's Liquid Love

Customize every aspect of your sentimental jewelry to perfectly reflect your motherhood journey. From inclusions to gemstones, you have the freedom to make your piece uniquely yours.

Breast milk

Breastfeeding moms spend about 2,000 hours a year breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding becomes a huge part of our lives and essentially a second full time job. It requires a lot of time and dedication to nourish our children.

A gold ring with umbilical cord surrounded by baby's breath flowers

Umbilical Cord & Placenta


Makes gorgeous amber stones, the placenta holds deep significance as the organ that nurtured life during pregnancy. Adding this inclusion allows you to keep a symbolic reminder of this miraculous connection.

Umbilical Cord

This symbolizes the special connection between a mother and her child during pregnancy and childbirth. The umbilical cord is the lifeline that connects them, and keeping a small piece can be a beautiful reminder of that bond.

An infinity sentimental necklace with ashes and hair with a thumbprint engraving.

Cremation Ashes

This allows you to keep a loved one close after they have passed away.

A small amount of cremated ashes can be incorporated into the jewelry, which offers you a comforting and permanent way to remember them.

(Human and pet ashes)

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

You can incorporate dried flowers from a wedding bouquet, a child's first birthday celebration, funeral flowers, or any other significant event into your sentimental jewelry.

Have a tangible reminder that will take you back to that special moment in time.

A round breast milk pendant with a lock of blonde hair


Hair is more than just strands; it is a physical connection to the people we love.

Incorporating hair into your keepsake creates a powerful symbol of your bond.

Whether it is your baby's first curl, fur from your furbaby, or hair from a loved one that is no longer with you, it's a way to closely feel their presence close. It is a reminder of the love and memories you share, even when you're apart.

Glowing Halo Locket

The Classics | Love Drop Collection

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A Mamma-Run Business

As a mamma that nursed 3 little ones, I know the struggles and beauty of breastfeeding. Creating Mamma's Liquid Love gave me the opportunity to give mothers around the world a way to carry a piece of their journey with them and to celebrate those joyous moments of nursing.

It is our honor and a pleasure to commemorate your journey. Thank you for being here.♡

Sentimental, meaningful, personal

Mamma's Liquid Love creates beautiful, high quality breast milk jewelry and sentimental keepsakes as a way for you to hold onto memories, mark milestones, and to show the people you love that they mean the world to you.

Sentimental, meaningful, personal

Mamma's Liquid Love creates beautiful, high quality breast milk jewelry and sentimental keepsakes as a way for you to hold onto memories, mark milestones, and to show the people you love that they mean the world to you.

Our promise to you

Always handcrafted with love and care, using only the highest quality materials to keep your most precious memories alive for generations to come.

What Mammas Are Wearing

  • (You) Design your keepsake

    Choose a base design for your keepsake and customize it to your liking — select inclusions, customize stones, select a metal type, etc., When you're happy with the design, hit checkout and then send us your inclusions.♡

  • (We) Create your keepsake

    We take over from here. Once we receive your inclusions, we start prepping them to add them to your piece. For breast milk, we work our magic to turn it into powder which we then incorporate into your jewelry.

  • (We) Send it off, (You) Love it

    After 2-12 weeks, we finish your jewelry and send it off to you (if you order a piece with cremated ashes, we send the ashes back as well ♡ ). All that's left is for you to wear it and love it.

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Why choose Mamma's Liquid Love?

Here's what makes us different

We are established & trusted

We have been in business for close to 10 years and have made over 25,000 pieces.

We are trustworthy, reliable, and have over 1,000 5 star reviews.

2-12 week turnaround time

We understand the importance of receiving your cherished keepsake in a timely manner. While many competitors take 6 - 12 months to complete a piece, here at MLL, we deliver your treasured jewelry approximately within just 2 - 12 weeks.

Level of Customization

We offer a high level of customization. Every single stone can be made a different color.

For example, A Love Drop Ring can have all different colors to represent members of your family.

Highest Quality Materials

We offer the largest selection of solid gold and fine materials. We offer solid 14k gold, platinum (for our stackers), as well as Genuine VS GH diamonds. All of our materials are ethically sourced.

We make breast milk jewelry with the highest quality materials which will last a lifetime.

Stone Materials

Almost all of other DNA companies use UV resin. UV resin is a type of resin that allows businesses to create pieces quickly. With UV resin, the entire process takes less than 30 minutes.

At Mamma's Liquid Love, we DO NOT use UV resin. Our process takes over a week to finish the stone. We want you to have an heirloom keepsake.

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