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Mamma's Liquid Love

A mamma-run business

As a mamma that nursed 3 little ones, I know the struggles and beauty of breastfeeding. Creating Mamma's Liquid Love gave me the opportunity to give mothers around the world a way to carry a piece of their journey and to celebrate those joyous moments of nursing.

It is our honor and a pleasure to commemorate your journey. Thank you for being here.♡

More than just breast milk keepsakes

DNA keepsakes

We offer more than just breast milk keepsakes. We create DNA keepsakes with ashes, hair, placenta, umbilical cord, flowers, and more.

Creating lifetime pieces

Mamma stories

Our pieces hold a special place in the hearts of our mammas.
Click here to read more of the mamma social share stories.

Lifetime pieces worth passing down

Pieces made to last

All our pieces are carefully crafted by hand and with love using the highest quality materials and chemicals ensuring your pieces will last a lifetime.

Giving back to those in need

The Littlest Lamb

A portion of your purchase helps provide food, necessities, and education for over a hundred orphans.


Memories in Photos

Overstock Sale

Personal and custom Pieces

Uniquely yours

We carry a large variety of hand made products with the ability to customize your stone placement and inclusions.

*Custom mock-ups offered here.

This service is not affiliated with Mamma's Liquid Love. Colors, inclusions, etc., may differ from the actual item.

Mamma's Liquid Love Jewelry Box

A home for all your keepsakes

A place to ask, share, and support

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