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Queen Stacker Ring

Queen Stacker Ring

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Made of 100% solid metals
Cubic zirconia birthstones


Dimensions of inclusion bezel: 2mm
Total carat weight: 0.04ct
Number of stones: 5

Diamond information:
Genuine conflict-free VS, GH diamonds

Changes & Returns

Due to the custom nature of your keepsake, no changes can be made after your order is placed. There will be no refunds, exchanges, or alterations after a purchase is made.


  • Breast milk (1/2 ounce- for 3-5 pieces)
  • Placenta (1 capsule for 2-3 pieces) 
  • Cremated Ashes (1/2 teaspoon)
  • Umbilical Cord (1/2 the stump)
  • Hair (about 20 strands, 1 inch long) only certain items in the shop currently have this option
  • Flowers (2-3 petals)

Please note:

The only inclusion we will send back is Ash. All others will be held on file for a year after the purchase date in case you'd like an additional item.

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A Closer Look: Shimmers and Flakes

Caring for your keepsake


✓ Remove your jewelry before doing any cleaning or before using essential oils
✓ Store your milk jewelry in a little airtight baggy (small ziploc preferably), away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight. It is also a good idea to insert a small anti-tarnishing strip. 


Do not use jewelry cleaners. To clean your items, please only use a soft polishing cloth that is specifically made for silver and gold jewelry. This will remove any tarnishing or dullness and keep your items looking new.
Do not wear your jewelry in or near moisture such as showers, pools, baths, beaches, etc
Do not wear your jewelry while working out- sweat and body oils can damage the surface of the jewelry
Do not expose your jewelry to extreme temperatures


For me, breastfeeding created such a meaningful bond with my son. He was born at the beginning of Covid (about 10 days after lockdown), so learning how to breastfeed together was extremely challenging, and without the support of in-person groups or visits from a lactation consultant. As our journey continued, my goal to get to a year became more important to me. At 10.5 months, he went on a nursing strike, and I thought maybe our journey was over. While I was sad, I was still proud of how far we had come; however, through consistent offering, after 5 days we were back on our journey. The queen stacker represents this bond and perseverance, and how important this journey was for me as a mom.


With every journey, there is a story. There are parts of the story that I’d like to forget, but without the struggle, there can’t be a triumph.
Our story is forever preserved in these rings and I’ll never be able to explain the significance of that.


Thanks so much, Ann! Love my ring! I’ve always wanted to order one and I have added it to my wedding ring. Perfect!
Breastfeeding has made me feel connected, a sense of accomplishment, that I did this and can provide the best for my babies. I breastfed all 10 of my babies, and this being my last I’ve really cherished them!